Thursday, May 08, 2014

News and photos from Kerry

3 very lucky men, that Bert fletcher was there with his horse. (they were caught in a net and Bert Fletcher rescued them). Julie and Don Tibby have the original newspaper report with a large photo of them there with Mr Fletcher on the horse. As Don’s father Stan Tibby said in the news report if it hadn’t been for Mr Fletcher there is no doubt the 3 men would have lost their lives. There are more details as to how it happened. Uncle Laddie whose name is Lionel John Richards is Aunty Hazel’s twin brother both born in Australia. They have got the names around the wrong way in the horse photo .
In the family photo Nana Tibby, Rita is standing at the centre back holding Mavis in her arms. The accident happened in August 1927 so Mavis would have been 17mths old and Shirley nearly 6 and your Mum 3 1/2. The lady holding the baby in the shawl is Aunty Hazel, Laddie’s twin sister. She and her husband were there that day he helped to take of Pop Tibby.  Shirley and Dawn are standing in the front at the right of the picture. Laddie was not married then.