Monday, November 28, 2005

Dedicated to the Kiwi Murphys

Pic is three of the 6 Murphy brothers - if yours is not here perhaps you'd like to send me one to add!
I have decided to separate the two sides of the family as Kerry has provided her information to share and get us started.
Kerry Blanche Murphy (born 6.8.52). My father's name is Fred
Allan Murphy (1924-2005) A grade mechanic. My mother's name is Nita
Dawne Murphy (nee Tibby. Born 1924). tailoress.
Kerry married Richard Lockley King when she was 19 and had a baby boy named
Cory who was born 3 months prem and died when he was two days old.
She then had Renee Dale King (9.10.73) who is now a secondary teacher at Mangere College and Rakel Mia King (24.10.75) was born.
Rakel is a dedicated mother of two and an artist/ illustrator. Her work
is advertised in Home and Garden through Whitfordhouse.
Richard died at the age of 30. He was a mechanic and the car he was
working on collapsed on top of him.
Six years later at Weymouth, Kerry married Robert Mathew Grace, born 20.10.57) accountant.
They had a child named Kara Bianca Grace(21.2.84) who has just
finished her Bachelor of Arts degree at Otago University
Sam Robert Grace was born in 19.8.89. He is currently in Year 11 and playing rugby
Kerry has two grand children from Rakel and her partner of 10 years Adam
Schimanski. Her Grandchildren's names are Kali Mia Schimanski (5.9.98) She
attends Beachlands Primary School, and Daine Adam Lockley Schimanski
(26.12.2001) who will attend kindy at Maraetai Beach.
Kerry went back to school and in 1999 completed a Bachelor of Arts degree and
worked as a journalist for six years at the Eastern Courier, Howick and
Pakaranga Times. The NZ Truth.
Kerry is now divorced from Robert and living at Port Waikato where she has a business called Wild Side sewing women's clothes.

Thanks Kerry for sharing your info - next post will be my family info and we welcome the rest of you to contribute - just email me and I will add your posts/photos etc.